Anti-Bias Education

Your DGB for today is to seek out opportunities for our youth to participate in anti-bias education. It starts early, it starts at home, and you can partner with local schools to ensure the message is sent far and wide. You truly are helping to shape a future generation.

Recently, a group of high school seniors took their senior class photos. You may remember taking your own high school class photo, but what you (hopefully) don’t remember is having approximately 70 of your classmates give the Nazi salute, or shout “Heil Trump, heil Hitler!” while your photo was being taken. Yes, that is exactly what happened in a Texas high school. Appalled? Us too. This cannot happen.

What exactly IS anti-bias education? Check out the National Association for the Education of Young People’s (NAEYC) Anti-Bias Education site to learn more. You can find additional resources for anti-bias education here.

We must first remember that there are many amazing youth in our country, who do good things for other people each and every day. For these children, we should continue to be role models in the fight against bigotry, hate, and racism. For those being taught to discriminate, we need to intervene as early as possible. Make sure the heirs of our country take it from us with an understanding of tolerance and inclusivity.