It’s Time to Feed Our Neighbors: Make a Food Bank Donation

Your DGB for today is to donate money or food from your pantry to a local food bank.

This past Thanksgiving we asked you to set a reminder for yourself to help out a food bank 90 days later, and today’s the day. As we told you then, food donations from community members tend to decline this time of year. But the other, more persistent challenge today’s food banks and pantries face is the overall decline in large-scale donations from supermarkets. With more sophisticated, computerized systems and efficiency strategies, grocers have gotten a lot better at eliminating waste, the unintended consequence of which was a sharp decline in the availability of surplus food to donate. Instead of relying on donations for the bulk of their inventory, many pantries and banks have had to resort to more wholesale purchasing. This means that your money, in the hands of food banks, will probably have more impact than if you spend it yourself on food to donate.  

If you do not have the cash on hand, however, here is a handy list of items many food pantries request and here is where you can find your local food banks and pantries to drop off your donations.

No one should have to go hungry. Make sure every family in your town has a chance to go to bed with a full belly tonight.