Taking Back the House in 2018, Part Two

Your DGB for today is to become a registrar in your state. Did you do your homework we assigned you two weeks ago? You’ve done the research, now it’s time to become a registrar.

We need to first discuss gerrymandering if we are registering people to vote. Gerrymandering is a manipulative redistricting tactic republicans have used to ensure they win much needed seats in the House and the Senate. The good news about gerrymandering is it may work in Democrats favor, come 2018. This article describes exactly how that could happen. The most effective way to work around gerrymandering for 2018 is to register people to vote, particularly in swing districts and states.

We’re giving you two more weeks to become a registrar in your state. You can find your local election office here; they’ll have the info you need to become a registrar. Get to it because our third grab on voter registration in two weeks we will be asking you to set up a voter registration event in your community. Yes, we know this is a lot more than five minutes a day, but we have to up our ante to fight 45 and his administration. Make gerrymandering work for us in 2018 and become a registrar.