Spay Day

Your DGB for today is to support the Humane Society’s World Spay Day and help reduce the number of homeless pets.

The U.S. has an estimated 6 to 8 million homeless animals entering shelters every year. Fewer than half of those animals are adopted, which means almost 3 million healthy cats and dogs are euthanized yearly. Spaying and neutering is the most effective way to reduce that number. It can also help behavioral problems and make them live longer. Visit the ASPCA to find low-cost spay and neuter programs and schedule one for your pet, if necessary. If you don’t have a pet, or your pet is already spayed or neutered, share this Grab with the hashtag #WorldSpayDay on social media.

You can also browse the “pets” section of your local Craigslist and report anyone selling litters of puppies or kittens, as these unregulated transactions are not only against their terms of service, but are often illegal puppy and kitten mills.

Many vet clinics provide free or reduced spay and neuter services for World Spay Day, so make Bob Barker proud because that price is right.