Block the Threat to Sanctuary Cities

Your DGB for today is to breathe into a paper bag until the hyperventilating stops, then donate $1 to the ACLU, which is working its butt off to protect us from the new administration’s flood of anti-immigration policies.

On Jan. 25th, our Tweeter-in-Chief signed an executive order cracking down on so-called “sanctuary cities”: jurisdictions identified as sympathetic to undocumented persons, and where local law enforcement and other officials are less willing to divulge to the federal government the immigration status of people in their communities. The leverage Trump is using? Money, in the form of federal grants. Read here about how he might do it.  

Some officials have reaffirmed their commitment to protect illegal immigrants in their communities, while legal scholars believe that the order itself is unconstitutional 

For the moment the threat remains. If this directive from the White House overcomes the legal challenges to it, and funds start to dry up for sanctuary cities, will local officials’ resolve waver? We have to support the ACLU and make sure we don’t find out.