Ides of Trump

Your DGB for today is to get your postcard ready to mail out on the 15th.

All your postcard needs to do is express your opposition to Orange Julius Caesar. Fill it up with a small-print manifesto or use a four-letter word followed by “you.” The idea is to bury him in an avalanche of disapproval, but NOT threats. Share your postcard(s) on social media with the hashtags #TheIdesOfTrump and #TheIdes. Get this done a couple of days in advance like we’re doing at DGB and you may inspire some of your social media friends and followers to join in! Find the event page here and the community page for ideas and even printable postcards here.

Send to:

The President (for now)

The White House

1600 Pennsylvania Avenue NW

Washington, DC 20500


Et tu, Grabber? Yep, you too.