Prepare for the Apocalypse, Part 2

Your DGB for today is to make sure you’re ready for a storm or other emergency by learning how to utilize your phone to stay informed.  

Last week we asked you to get ready for an emergency by stocking up on water and food. This week we focus on communication. Start by reading this page on the FCC’s site about using your phone in a disaster.

Phone calls and getting online take up a lot of bandwidth on a mobile device, but texts will often get through when other forms of electronic communication fail, so take these extra steps:

First, if you don’t have a Twitter account already, get one. The Resistance is full of life on Twitter and you’ll thank us.

Next, sign up for alerts from relevant government agencies here.

Last, but not least, sign up to be able to Tweet via text here so you and your loved ones can stay in touch.

Even if you're eating canned beans by flashlight in an emergency, there's no reason to be left in the dark.