Love Letters

Your DGB for today is to send a love letter to a local marginalized community or organization.

For the past few months, hate has been getting a lot of encouragement from the top down in America. Places of worship are defiled and damaged, including mosques, synagogues, and Black churches. Jewish cemeteries are being vandalized and Jewish preschools have been terrorized by bomb threats. Undocumented immigrants are detained and deported, though their only crime is lacking the legal immigration paperwork.

You know that feeling in your chest when you get a note from somebody that lets you know that they’ve been thinking of you? That feeling that you matter? It’s time to share that feeling with our friends and neighbors that have been on the business end of hate. We’ve marched in protest. We’ve shown up at airports. We’ve donated to causes that support the affected, but nothing beats that personal touch. Find a local mosque here, a synagogue here, and to find your local center helping refugees and immigrants, click here.

It doesn’t matter if you get out the good stationery or use a postcard. Let your friends and neighbors know that they matter. Tell them why you appreciate them, and how their presence enriches the fabric of your community.