Protect Net Neutrality

Your DGB for today is to get ready to stand up for net neutrality.

The United States government is full of agencies that are boring and obscure - until they’re not. The FCC is one of those agencies. Hundreds of bureaucrats laboring under unflattering fluorescent lights, tinkering with thick books of regulations… yawn…. WAKE UP: this is important. The Trump administration has been open about their opposition to net neutrality and we need to prepare to fight back.

What’s net neutrality? It’s the requirement that internet service providers treat all data the same. They can’t throttle back your Netflix access until you agree to pay a premium fee. They can’t discriminate against certain websites, users, devices, or platforms. It’s like the common carrier model for phone service.

Today, you’ll sign up for emails from two different organizations:

The Electronic Frontier Foundation 

and the World Wide Web Foundation

 When new and harmful regulations are inevitably proposed, these sites will be on top of it and you’ll be ready to grab back for open internet.