After School Clubs: They DO Matter

Your DGB for today is to write a letter, postcard, or send a donation to an organization that supports after school clubs.

President Trump’s Budget Director, Mick Mulvaney, stated that, “There’s no demonstrable evidence they’re [after school clubs] actually helping results, helping kids do better at school.”

We at DGB disagree, and Harvard research shows that after school clubs DO make a difference when there is sustained participation and proper adult supervision. The benefits include better academic performance as well as social-emotional, prevention, and health and wellness outcomes.

Below is a short list of after school clubs that DGB members have participated in or heard about:

Bedtime Math & Crazy 8s Math Club: All proceeds from the Bedtime Math Books go to support the Crazy 8s after school math clubs. All materials and lesson plans are free. Any parent can use them to start a K-2 or 3-5 club at your local school or library. If you aren’t able to volunteer, you can purchase one of their books to support the organization.

Girls on the Run: This after school club focuses on girls in grades 3-8, and allows parents and teachers to get fit with daughters, grandaughters, nieces, and other school-aged girls after school hours. What a great way to spend some time together.

Let Me Run: This is the counterpart to girls on the run. Let Me Run is for 4th - 8th grade boys, and supports building relationships and living a healthy lifestyle.

Do you have other ideas? Please share them on our Facebook Page. We at DGB would love to hear how after school clubs definitely ARE making a difference.