Let Them Eat Cake

Your DGB for today is to learn a little something about wealth inequality.

How bad is the income divide in the United States? If you answered:

Bad, but not terrible? You are wrong.

Really bad? Eeeeehh, wrong.

There is a guillotine coming soon to a neighborhood near you? BINGO.

Ok maybe we're exaggerating a tiny bit. I mean, it’s not like our politicians are suggesting hungry Americans eat cake or anything. This presentation by Working America gives a terrifying, yet simple to understand, breakdown of the way wealth is distributed in our country. Please watch and learn, and suppress the desire to storm Wall Street.

If you’d like to do your part to redistribute the wealth, short of recreating the French Revolution, you can go back to our old grab of Backing Black Businesses, as well as avoiding big box stores, and making sure you shop local. If you must shop Amazon, check out their handmade section and help put money back into the pockets of those who really need it, instead of the 1%.