Tax March

Your DGB for today is to support the Tax March coming up on Saturday, April 15th.

The main march is occurring in Washington DC. If you are going to that, rock on! If you aren’t, but still want to participate, check for local marches on their website or ours. You can also look for downloadable resources, donate to the march, and check out their list of speakers for the DC march, which includes Queen of Throwing Shade, Rep. Maxine Waters.

Can’t attend the march, but still want to be part of the fun? Sign this petition urging your Reps to make Trump release his tax returns. Tweet, snap, or facebook some of their graphics about Trump’s taxes. Or maybe even just do some good old fashioned trolling on Trump’s favorite social media site, Twitter. Let us know if you get blocked by the Twitler in Chief!

Happy Marching.