Check Your Bias

Your DGB for today is to do an exercise in self-awareness.

Unless you are a dues-paying member of the KKK or part of the Trump Administration’s inner circle, you probably do not consider yourself a white supremacist. You roll your eyes when someone claims to be “colorblind” or invokes the ubiquitous assurance of having a Black Friend. That is good. You should do that. Because those things are eyeroll-worthy to the extreme. Unfortunately, Grabbers, bias - the framework of white supremacy - is way more insidious than that. And we all have it.

What we would like you to do today is to participate in Harvard’s Project Implicit by taking one or more of their questionnaires to help you uncover your subtle, even hidden, bias(es). We cannot make productive change toward a more equal society if we do not acknowledge our own prejudices. The bad news is that you probably will find something that makes you uncomfortable. The good news is that it’s 2017 and there are all kinds of tools and opportunities available to you to make a change. The project has an excellent accompanying book, Blindspot: Hidden Biases of Good People, available on Amazon, to help you further delve into the topic of implicit bias.