Donors Choose

Your DGB for today is to check out and donate to a school listed on Donors Choose.

Donors Choose was started by a history teacher, and helps fund tools and experiences for students who attend grades Pre-Kindergarten through 12 in US public schools. You may have heard about the organization when Oprah Winfrey highlighted it on her show in 2003. Teachers still need our help, and we at DGB think this organization deserves an A (and some cash) for effort.

On the website, you can click on “most urgent projects” or find a school in a high poverty area. There are over 73,000 schools for you to choose from. You can also check to see if a local school in your area is listed. If you can give, please do so, as every little bit counts. A donation of just five dollars can go toward a classroom’s art project, technology, books, a field trip, and much more.

When members of the community work together to promote the well-being and learning of all students, we send a message to children that they matter. If you are able to donate, help a teacher out.