Earth Day

Your DGB for today is to learn about, or participate in, the themes spotlighted for this year’s Earth Day.

The themes this year center around environmental and climate literacy. What does that mean? Through education we can learn how to make decisions that positively impact the environment and our relationship to the earth. The Earth Day Campaign Network has made a commitment to ensure that no student graduates high school without being environment and climate literate; ready to enact positive change in order to preserve our world. 

In addition to increasing literacy, several campaigns are launching around the globe to protect forests, register new voters, make greener cities, protect endangered species, and address climate change. Support, donate, or educate yourself about these initiatives here.

The most publicized and visible activity this year is, of course, the March for Science. Get out and show your support by finding a march near you. Many events are offering a teach-in component at the beginning of the program in support of the theme of environmental and climate literacy.

A favorite saying of ours at DGB is “There is no planet B.” So, do your duty as a global citizen and bring your A game.