Your DGB for today is to initiate and utilize the Resistbot service.

Isn’t it frustrating when you finally overcome your phone anxiety and make that call to a rep, only to have the line be busy or go to a full voicemail message? That’s why we at DGB try to give you other contact options such as fax or email, and this service makes it even easier. Resistbot is an automated text assistant that turns your communications into faxes sent to your Congressional Representatives and Senators. You begin by texting “resist” to 50409 and the bot will prompt you from there, starting with sending a message to both of your senators. She (we like to think of the bot as a she) will then confirm delivery of the faxes and will periodically text you again asking if you have additional communications. You can text her anytime as well. You can even resist in the middle of the night. Resistbot will never reject or judge you.