May Day Strike

Your DGB for today is to prepare for the May Day of Resistance and Strike taking place on May 1st.

May 1st has traditionally been known as Labor Day, although the US celebrates Labor Day in September. The tradition began in in 1886, when 200,000 workers across the country went on strike for an eight hour workday. You can read more about the history behind labor day here.

This year over 350,000 workers have organized with the Food Chain Workers Alliance and the SEIU USWW and are planning to strike on May 1st to demand “a world where the most marginalized working families live with dignity, safety, and power.” So what can you do to support them? First, you could strike along with them. Put your money where your mouth is and strike in solidarity. While striking you can join one of the many May Day Strike events across the country or check our website for more. You can also go to the official website and find other actions to take, like joining the anti-retaliation network to protect strikers from losing their jobs, or crowdfund a general strike fund for workers.

Whatever you choose to do on May Day, make sure you are standing in solidarity with immigrant, African American, LGBTQ, indigenous, and women workers along with allies who are striking on May 1st. We have to show the Trump administration that we will not stay silent while their policies rip families apart, increase the criminalization of Black and Brown communities, and strip wages, safety protections, and organizing rights. #ShutItDownMay1