Stop Commenting on People’s Bodies

Your DGB for today is to help stop society’s running commentary on the human body.

Have you been a victim or perpetrator of the old gaffe where one person assumes that a woman is pregnant and then turns out to be wrong? The heart of those terribly awkward exchanges is the notion that it’s totally cool to turn an observation regarding someone’s body into speech. It’s actually rude, can be very hurtful, and contributes to toxic notions about food/eating, weight, and beauty. That example is an obvious one but it’s still not okay, even in other instances. What if your coworker looks thinner and you want to compliment them? Nope. You may have no idea why they have lost weight or even that they actually wanted to. What if you notice that someone looks tired and you want to say something in solidarity? Just don’t. You can express sympathy or empathy without making people feel self-conscious.

We encourage you to read a couple of articles or blog posts about this topic and make a commitment to being a kinder, more sensitive person. Some suggestions below: