We Read Too

Your DGB for today is to either download the We Read Too app onto your phone, or to donate a few dollars to college student Kaya Thomas’ Indiegogo campaign so she can add even more books to her app, as well as develop an Android version.

Kaya Thomas has always loved reading, but as a child she noticed that many of the characters in books didn’t represent her. So after being part of a Black Girls Code Hackathon, she learned how to code on iOS and developed the We Read Too app. It started out with 300 books for children and YA readers and now has over 600 books highlighting characters of color.

If any of you have ever attempted or thought of developing an app, you know how expensive it can be. Kaya started an Indiegogo campaign to cover the costs of adding in more books, like the over 1,600 that have been recommended by the 15,000 users the app has amassed since launching. Thomas, who attends Dartmouth College, reached her initial $10,000 goal, but has expanded for a new stretch goal of $25,000. She also plans to hire someone to review all the books that have been suggested, to create a website for all the books on the app, add adult books, and to create the Android version.

Download, donate to her campaign, or both, because representation matters. You can read more about Kaya Thomas and her hopes and plans for her app here.