Those Who Fail To Learn From History

Your DGB for today is to put into motion a repeat of US history.

The Executive Branch is barreling towards a foregone conclusion that our country has seen before. Many of us weren’t even a twinkle in our parents’ eyes during the Nixon administration, so here’s a quick Watergate rundown: Basically, Nixon tried to hang on to power for as long as possible by compounding his criminal acts and removing anyone who got too close to the truth about them. He didn’t actually fire his FBI Director. Louis Patrick Gray was complicit in the burglary coverup and his Assosciate FBI Director ended up being Deep Throat, which was pretty much the craziest thing that had ever happened in US politics until November 8, 2016. By the time Nixon’s dumpster of an administration was fully engulfed in the flames of scandal, the investigation was far enough along that a Special Prosecutor had been appointed. This man was Archibald Cox. When Nixon fired him in an event known as The Saturday Night Massacre, it was a public relations nightmare. Things really spiraled after that, and we all know the ending.

Today, you’ll change your profile picture on social media to the above image of Nixon, reminding everyone in your circle that history is doomed to repeat itself. Additionally, you’ll be sure to pressure your representatives to push for a special prosecutor. Trump will need someone else to fire soon, and we’re ready for his very own Archibald Cox to come onstage.

It’s not the crime that will get you, it’s the cover-up. And Trump’s cover-up is just as transparent and desperate as the original Crook-In-Chief. Just as America did during Watergate, we’re not letting him get away with any of it.