Support Colbert

Your DGB for today is to call or write to CBS to show support for Stephen Colbert, comedian, television host, and author.

Last week, after 45 made rude remarks about a respected journalist, Colbert responded on his late night television show by cracking some NSFW jokes at 45’s expense. Now he is being investigated by the FCC for his off color remarks.

Right now, CBS is being inundated with calls from Trumpettes and Trumpsters, demanding Colbert be fired. You may find it ironic that the same people who voted for a man who mocked the disabled and grabbed women by their pussies are suddenly outraged at Colbert. We urge you to call AND e-mail CBS to show support for Stephen Colbert and journalists and comedians everywhere. If we can't laugh, we'll have to cry, right?

If you call and the mailbox is full, keep calling! When you get through, please ask for the Director of Programming and show your support. 212-975-3247.

To send an e-mail, go to: