Community Gardening

Your DGB for today is to support community gardening!

Community gardening is a growing (pun totally intended) initiative that works to solve the problems of the lack of urban green spaces, food deserts, and disconnected neighborhoods. We would like you to find a local garden using this link provided by the American Community Garden Association: . And once you do, determine a way to help that program.

Are you a known Plant Assassin? Would no one describe you as having a green thumb? Let’s get real, if you look at a plant, does it start to wither and die? Hey, us too, but we really try, despite killing hundreds...maybe even thousands of plants. But that’s ok, not only do awesome gardeners oversee volunteers, they can also help you cultivate (pun once again intended) your gardening skills. If you can’t volunteer maybe a donation of supplies is needed. Digging (yep, again) into the pocket for a small cash donation is never a bad idea.

Grab some weeds, and a hoe (or a rake, or a trowel) and grab back!