Public Commentary Period on National Monument Review

Your DGB for today is to let the federal government know that we, the people, value the existence and protection of our national monuments.

In April, President Trump signed yet another executive order directing newly-minted Interior Secretary Ryan Zinke to “review” national monuments designated since 1996. He claims the goal is to prevent or correct “abuses of power” and federal government overreach. Opponents suggest the real reason is that he has his eye on natural resources currently sitting under protected land, such as fossil fuels under Bears Ears National Monument in Utah.

Now the Department of the Interior has opened up a public comments period and we are asking you to let them have it with both barrels about plundering our pristine wild places. Read this excellent piece on how to effectively craft your comments, and either comment online as we linked above, or mail it to them directly, preferably before May 26th.


Monument Review


U.S. Department of the Interior

1849 C Street NW

Washington, D.C. 20240


If you have any postcards left over from the last time you gave this administration a piece of your mind? Break ‘em out (or use ours) and tell the government to keep their grubby hands off America, the Beautiful.