13 is an Unlucky Number

Your DGB for today is to contact Senator Mitch McConnell and demand they add some women to the group of 13 men who are drafting the Senate’s version of the new AHCA bill.

Senate Republicans are showing their misogyny by forming a group of 13 men to draft the new AHCA bill. Not a single woman is in the group, despite the fact that women make up half of this nation’s population and the AHCA bill will directly affect them, oftentimes more than men since the simple fact that you are a women typically tosses you into the pre-existing condition category.

The group is lead by Senate Majority leader Mitch McConnell, so we are asking you to contact him and demand female representation. His nickname is Turtle, so don’t be surprised if he hides in his shell when you try to call him out. You can find his different office locations and phone numbers on his page, as well as a contact form, if you choose to email him. You can also tweet him @SenateMajLdr. We suggest using the DGB hashtag #McConnellingHealthCare. Want to go even further? Contact a female senator from your state or a neighboring state and ask them to demand they be added to the group drafting the AHCA bill. Women make up 50% of the nation’s population, why aren’t women represented by those writing laws that affect our health?