At Home Plastic Recycling

Your DGB for today is to increase awareness about independent plastic recycling.

Precious Plastic knows their program is for the go-getter. They’re aware you probably won’t build your own plastic recycling machine, they just want to get the word out to people who might. Are you a young, childless hipster with some milk crates who would love to post all over social media about your new artisan recycling factory? Wonderful! Carry the torch for us all. If not, surely you have a few friends who fit this description, right? (Hint: they are already recycling used cooking oil to power their vintage diesel Mercedes.)

We have finite natural resources, which the Trump administration isn’t particularly interested in protecting. If they get their way, we may need to recycle old plastic grocery bags into medical equipment in the next few decades. Until then, you can create super cool one-of-a-kind stuff like this.