A Boy and his Wall

Your DGB for today is to call your representatives and object to the wall.

We all have heard that Trump is building a wall and Mexico is going to pay for it. It was one of the major campaign platforms the manchild ran on, but if anyone has ever traveled to a border state, they’d know that a wall is pretty much impossible to build, given the terrain alone. If you have never seen the border of Mexico and the US, take a Texan DGB Staffer’s word that it would be quite the feat to build a wall on our southern border, not to mention the toll it would take on our budget, now that we all know Mexico is NOT going to pay for the wall. (Like anyone believed they would in the first place.)

Building a wall is not only a 7th century solution for a 21st century “problem.” It also enacts imminent domain, which we thought republicans were against, but we know racism drives people to forget their core beliefs. Not to mention it is an ecological nightmare, not just for border states, but for flora and fauna across the globe, as well as causing problems like flooding and polluting local drinking water. Mexico also claims it breaks a 1970 Boundary Treaty, and they will go to court over it. Over 100 endangered species live along the 1300 mile expanse of border and rely on a somewhat uninhibited border crossing. Animals like deer, mountain lion, ocelot, and jaguar are already impacted by the fences currently in place. A wall would do so much more damage, but many environmental scientists are afraid to discuss it given the current anti-science climate in DC. You can read more about the impact on animals in this article.

So what can you do? We are urging you to call, visit, e-mail, tweet, or even send a carrier pigeon to your representatives and urge them to say no to Donald Trump and his boyish dreams of a wall. You may even suggest that they give him a Lego set so he can fulfill his wall-building fantasies without causing environmental devastation to the people living along the border, as well as the animals who need to pass it for their existence. If you need help finding how to contact your representatives, we have the links on our Government Resources page.

Everything isn’t awesome and we need to let them know.