Are Men Talking Too Much? (Short Answer: Probably)

Your DGB for today is to fire up this website next time you’re in a meeting, watching tv, or at an event with male and female speakers and keep track of whose voices you hear.

Why do we need to measure such a thing? Because it’s still news to people.  Despite stereotypes, proverbs, and dad jokes that have been around since the Dark Ages, women AREN’T the ones dominating conversations in mixed gender groups. In fact, women are less likely to speak and more likely to be interrupted. Why does the myth persist? As with many things, the answer is, sexism. In “Our Feminized Society,” Sady Doyle says, “Men tend to perceive equality when women are vastly outnumbered and underrepresented; it follows that, as we approach actual parity, men… will increasingly believe that we are entering an era of female domination.” God forbid we should actually take up our fair share of time and space. 

Next time someone claims women are dominating the conversation, open up this handy web site and fact-check. We’ll bet there’s more manterruption and mansplaining than you can shake a stick at.