Kill the AHCA Before It Kills Us

Your DGB for today is to call, yes call, your senators and their staffers and demand they vote no on Trumpcare.

Trumpcare, or AHCA, is moving it’s way through the Senate and almost no one has seen it. What we do know is that it’s just as awful as the House Bill and will kick millions of people off of their insurance plans and make it harder for many to get and afford insurance. It is expected to be sent to get it’s CBO score any day now, which takes about two weeks. The Senate is trying it’s best to get a vote before they close for recess on July 4th, all while not allowing any hearings on it. At all.

Today we are totally ripping off the advice from our crush and former Obama speechwriter, Jon Favreau. On his podcast “Pod Save America” he suggested that we call the health care staffers of Republican Senators who are moderate republicans and might vote no. You can find the list on his twitter feed. Give your heartfelt appeal for them to vote no and ask them if they know what they bill is even about. Jon also wants you to go even further though and to call your own Senator, even if they are a democrat, and ask them what they are going to do to stop this bill. Obviously they are voting no, but what else? Are they going to filibuster? Stop Senate business? There’s a lot more they can do besides just voting no and it is imperative that this bill is stopped. You can find your Senator here: .

Trumpcare is one of the many things that 45 is pushing to try to erase everything Obama did. He’s a petty man, with a petty grudge, and unfortunately his grudge could kill people. Call your senators and demand they stop this bill and let you know how they plan to do so.