The Kids are Alright - Activism and Children

Your DGB for today is to get the kids in your life interested and involved in activism.

Maybe your grandkids have noticed you dashing off postcards to the White House lately, or hosting an Indivisible meeting in your living room. Maybe you, like many of us at DGB, took your kids to the Women’s March in January. Or maybe you’ve been toting your niece to social justice rallies since she was in Pampers. Whatever their exposure to and participation in activism has been, there are ways to encourage the children in your life to get off the sidelines. 

The first step is to talk about the issues that are important to you with the kids you know - in age-appropriate terms. The next step is to listen. Older kids in particular may have their own set of issues that resonate with them. You can introduce them to the idea of activism with some well-chosen books.

Finally, support them with follow-through. Help your children to get involved now and they will be on their way to a lifetime of grabbing back. In the immortal words of Ms. Whitney Houston, “I believe the children are our future/ Teach them well and let them lead the way.”