It Starts Today

Your DGB for today is to sign up for It Starts Today to help take back Congress in 2018.

There will be 468 Democrats running for seats in the House and Senate in 2018. All this initiative asks is that you donate one cent per race per month. It Starts Today doesn’t play favorites, so your $4.68 is distributed evenly once the primaries are decided.

But not all the candidates are perfect just because they’re Democrats. What if we don’t like them all? It’s not possible for every progressive candidate to satisfy our (admittedly long) list of ideal credentials, including a perfect voting record. But, this is a numbers game. In light of the national tragedy that took place on November 8, 2016, we can no longer be picky. We need to flip as many seats as we can.

You pay for Netflix every month to watch House of Cards, right? Well, give yourself the opportunity to enjoy it again as fiction for half the price.