Shoulders are Scandalous

Your DGB for today is to tweet or email Speaker Paul Ryan a picture of your shoulders.

We're sure you've all heard that a dress code barring open toed shoes and sleeveless tops is currently being enforced in the House of Representatives. It is important to note that this dress code is not new and has been around since Speaker Pelosi, but what is new is that they are now imposing it. A few female reporters have been turned away, despite there being no signage outlining the actual dress code.

We want you to tweet or email a picture of your shoulders to Speaker Paul Ryan, using #ShouldersAreScandalous and whatever else you feel like bringing up when you troll him. Sure, the men have a dress code too, like being required to wear a tie, but only one dress code punishes women for something as benign as flashing some shoulder skin. We have to push back against the GOP and their delight in finding new and bizarre ways to punish women every day. We aren’t quite to the point of living in the Republic of Gilead, but we are pretty damn close. Get out there and show those shoulders, men and women!