Made In America Week

Your DGB for today is to celebrate Made In America Week: a theme week invented by the White House to distract from their complete ineptitude and criminality.

We at DGB are happy to oblige this promotion, as it’s the first thing the administration has done that isn’t completely self-serving. You see, the Trumps don’t make things in America. Ivanka’s line is manufactured overseas and so is DJT’s. They use foreign steel in what real estate projects are actually in America. Hell, even his campaign opposition research was outsourced to Russians.

Assuming the White House isn’t being intentionally ironic with this theme, here are some products actually made in the USA, with leadership on the right side of history:


Dr. Bronners products are made in California, with the company donating $50,000 to the National Immigration Law Center in response to January’s Muslim Ban Executive Order.


K’NEX are made in a Pennsylvania factory visited by Hillary Clinton during her 2016 campaign to not kill us all.


The Levi Strauss Foundation donated one million dollars to various progressive non-profits this year, including the Council of American-Islamic relations and the Transgender Law Center.


Lodge Cookware, made in Tennessee, is great cast-iron cookware family company with a commitment to recycling.


LUSH beauty products has always championed inclusivity and diversity. This year, they’ve released a product called “Yuge”, which gives you the opposite of Trump’s hair: voluminous and healthy.


Find a comprehensive list of products made in the USA at A Continuous Lean