Yes, We are STILL Fighting for Healthcare

Your DGB for today is to contact one of six GOP senators who we can flip against the Motion to Proceed on health care debate in the Senate.

We feel like this has been the longest inning ever, but we really are in the final stretch for all the various health care bill incarnations...maybe.

By most accounts, tomorrow morning, the Senate will vote on a Motion to Proceed on healthcare legislation. Trump and McConnell are desperate to pass something- anything before August recess, and desperate people are dangerous. If the MTP passes, a good 20 hours of debate will begin over a health care bill we won’t even know the content of, followed by a vote on it. We don’t know if Senators will be voting on the House-passed version, which was really bad, the Senate version, which is miraculously worse, some Frankenstein bill, or a full repeal.

Today, you’ll pick an iffy senator and call, fax, or email them and beg them to vote against the MTP and, if it comes to it, any health care bill rushed through this week. The up-for-grabs senators include Lee of Utah, Flake from Arizona, Portman from Ohio, Hoeven of North Dakota, Heller of Nevada, and Murkowski from Alaska. You can find their contact info here: Or, if you prefer, you can use Countable, IssueVoter, Resistbot, or any other resistance tool to get in touch and, we hate to say it but, literally beg for your life and the lives of millions of other United States Citizens.