Summer Camp

Your DGB for today is to help send a kid to camp.

Whether it be band, drama, 4H or just regular, summer camp is a fun tradition. It allows kids to build new friendships, learn new things and spend large amounts of time outside. For Lindsay Lohan and Haley Mills, it even meant reuniting with your long-lost twin sister that your parents had inexplicably separated you from, following a presumably nasty divorce. That you didn’t even know happened. But we digress. At any rate camp can be a truly magical experience that is too often reserved for kids of parents able to shell out several hundred dollars. Opportunities to expand horizons and be part of a community should be for everyone.

Today, we ask that you consider making a small donation to help support a program that sends children from low income families to camp experiences. We have listed a few below.


Happy Camper Foundation (South Florida):


United in Harmony (Southern California):


Fresh Air Fund (NYC area):


American Camp Association (national):


There’s elbow macaroni somewhere, waiting to be made into a necklace. Help it find a child!