Fourth of July

Your DGB for today is to keep persisting for the sake of the country.

That’s basically it. It’s the Fourth of July and it’s hard to want to celebrate with You Know Who as our president. It really takes the the wind out of our American Flags, so all we are asking you to do today is to find a way to keep persisting.

Write to your congress members and tell them what what your ideal America looks like. Send a thank you card to any congress member who is fighting the good fight. Attend one of the many rallies or protests across the country today. Check out  our list of other resisters and feel joy that you aren’t fighting this alone. Watch this Samantha Bee / Elizabeth Warren interview to inspire you a bit.

If nothing else, fire up the majesty that is Independence Day with Will Smith and bask in the patriotic warmth of watching Americans kick some extraterrestrial ass.