Rachel Maddow and the Fake News That Almost Was

Your DGB for today is to watch this 21 minute clip from a recent episode of MSNBC’s The Rachel Maddow Show and then share it via social media.

On the July 6th episode of her show, Maddow describes how a “carefully forged” top secret NSA document was sent in to her tip-line website that seems to be a big, juicy scoop about who in the Trump campaign colluded with Russia to hack the 2016 elections. She outlines why she and her staff believe it is a fake, and she explains why someone might want her show to run this story, based on a ginned-up NSA document. Maddow believes that someone [insert chin rubbing emoji here] wants to discredit her show and the media in general as it pertains to the Russian election-meddling AND possible collusion by the Trump campaign in that effort.

After you’ve watched the clip and shared it far and wide, go ahead and tell Rachel what a great job she’s doing. The lady has been on FIRE since the election and we should tell her so: @Maddow on Twitter, rachel@msnbc.com via email, or:


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Rachel wants other news organizations to be on the look-out for similar attempts to trick the media into reporting on false stories. And we want YOU to watch so that you can better understand what the media is up against when it comes to reporting on this administration. Now that it’s clear President Twitterthumbs has help in his campaign to discredit the press, we all need to be more awake than ever.