End Child Marriage

Your DGB for today is to get involved with Unchained At Last, and help end child marriage in the United States.

First, we need you to read this shocking op-ed on child marriage. Some horrific facts from it include stats like between 2000 and 2010, 167,000 children in 28 states were married. Some of these children are as young as 12, and many are marrying adult men. Because a few states could not provide data, it is estimated that close to 250,000 children were married in that decade. Many of these marriages are forced, and some end in violence, leaving the children with no place to go because domestic violence shelters will not accept minors. Children also aren’t allowed to legal actions in their own name, leaving them with no chance for divorce.

This is where Unchained At Last steps in. Unchained provides client services, advocacy, and education. You can help their cause in many different ways, like donating, becoming a pro-bono lawyer or psychotherapist, volunteering, or asking your Legislators to stop child marriage. Children should be children, not brides, and we all have the responsibility to make sure that happens.