Reproductive Justice: Moving Beyond “Choice”

Your DGB for today is to read about, absorb, and incorporate reproductive justice into your feminism. 

In the US, especially among white women, we tend to frame issues of reproductive rights/equality as a matter of “choice” - that is, the legal right to choose an abortion if we wish it, and to a lesser extent, access to birth control. Reproductive justice looks at the issue of reproduction in terms of social justice. It asks questions such as, what does “choice” mean when Black women who choose to carry to term face higher rates of maternal mortality? What does “choice” mean when women of color bring home significantly less money than white women, and are more likely to have jobs that don’t offer parental leave? What does the choice to have a baby mean for mothers fearful their children will grow up to be hurt or killed by police? Reproductive justice puts the fight for choice in a much larger context.

To learn more, check out these organizations and considering supporting them with your voice on social media, your participation in events, and/or your wallet, if you can: