Things are Fine

Your DGB for today is to make sure you are prepared for the possibility of a nuclear war.

Sometimes we at DGB spend hours getting lost in our daydreams of what the world would currently be like if Hillary Clinton was president. One thing we know for certain is that we wouldn’t be terrified of her starting World War III over Twitter. North Korea has a goddamn nuke ready and Trump and Kim Jong Un are about to start the Battle of the Bad Hair.

Instead of sitting around and waiting for imminent death, we need you guys to suit up and get ready for a post-apocalyptic world. Review our two previous grabs on prepping here and here. We also suggest you take our advice and get some Plan B. Another good suggestion is to label any prescription meds with what they’re for. After you are done doing all this, we suggest watching a cheerful movie and breathing deeply and evenly into a paper bag.

We don’t mean to be all doom and gloom, and there is a good chance that calmer heads will prevail and we won’t enter into a nuclear war. One thing we do know is that nothing is certain and it never hurts to prepare, whether that be for the war to end all wars, or just your run of the mill zombie apocalypse.