We’re Team Stacey Abrams

Your DGB for today is to check out Stacey Abrams, fall as in love with her as we have, and support her in any way that you can.

Stacey Abrams is a serious breath of fresh air in stagnant white male political scene. She is running for Governor of Georgia and when (we can’t even think about if) she wins, she will not only be the first female Governor of Georgia, but she will be the first black female Governor of any state in the US. You can learn more about Stacey on her website, but we also suggest you listen to her guest appearance on Hellbent Podcast: Episode 46.

Once you have gotten to know Stacey, we want you to help her get elected. You can do that by getting the word out about her, donating to her campaign, or volunteering. You can sign up to volunteer for her here: https://secure.staceyabrams.com/page/s/Volunteer. They are looking for people to knock on doors, make phone calls, host a party, be a digital ambassador, or anything you could think of to help get the word out.

Support Stacey Abrams and encourage more women to run for office. Hell, if you can, run for office yourself! We have Donald Trump as President; anyone can win.