Punk the Alt-Right and Neo-Nazi Rallies

Your DGB for today is to make lemonade out of all these goddamn Nazi lemons.

If you’re a dedicated Grabber, you’re already helping address the underlying structural racism that leads to - and enables - the neo-Nazis and white supremacists of the alt-right. But what do you do when they’re marching in YOUR town? Show up with a sign? Participate in some group folk singing? Vote with your dollars at local businesses that stand against racism? Or maybe just say “fuck it,” grab a nail-studded baseball bat, and go Greatest Generation on those Nazis? Sure, all* those are good options (*the last one is in jest, of course).

Well, now you can take an extra step and turn their hatred against them! Check out how deeply satisfying it is when these losers unwittingly raise thousands of dollars for good causes: https://www.theguardian.com/world/2014/nov/18/neo-nazis-tricked-into-raising-10000-for-charity.

Operation Make Lemonade is a grassroots effort to repeat the above awesomeness at every neo-Nazi, white supremacist, and alt-right rally in the USA. The newly formed Daily Constitutional http://thedailyconstitutional.org/ is organizing the movement. For every marcher, every swastika, every mile, every...whatever, people pledge a small amount of money to a great cause. It basically turns their whiny hatefest into a giant walkathon for anti-racist causes. Here’s how it works:

When you hear of a rally in your area, go to the Google Docs page https://docs.google.com/forms/d/1cnLelJ3Ef8vRILllYLOw9fw7XO2CqFtIseBUWyYQo18/viewform?edit_requested=true and enter the requested information. Then share with your personal networks, both social media and in person. Get your friends and neighbors to pledge a token amount (like 5 cents per marcher - 1000 marchers means $50 to the organization). No rallies in your area? That’s OK, you can still pledge to any rally on the list! The idea is get the small donations pouring in. And of course, to infuriate the alt-right. Ahhh, the saltiness is DELICIOUS.