Life After Hate


Your DGB for today is to partner up with Life After Hate and help end the cycle of extremism and hatred that is overtaking our country.

Life After Hate is a non-profit organization that was founded by former members of violent far-right extremist groups. Their mission is to work with individuals and communities to end intolerance and hatred. They offer a variety of services like, which works directly with individuals who wish to disengage from the white power movement. They also offer addiction counseling, community outreach, and education programs to help rehabilitate those who have been indoctrinated and radicalized by far-right hatred and racism.

Life After Hate is the only organization outside of the FBI that is working to extract people from hate groups. They were awarded a $400,000 grant from the Obama administration, but Trump decided he was not going to honor that grant. Weird that a Nazi sympathizer doesn’t want to end the cycle of hatred and violence…

This is where you come in. Life After Hate is quickly losing funds and they are looking to crowdfund. Samantha Bee recently learned about them and is working to get the word out, and we want to help. You can learn more about their organization, as well as get the link to their crowdfunding campaign in this article. Can’t directly donate? Select them for your Amazon Smile donation and give back while shopping.

Team up with the brilliant Samantha Bee,  Daily Grab Back, and Life After Hate to end the cycle of extremism and hatred.