Give the ACA Some Preventative Care

Your DGB for today is to start promoting the next ACA open enrollment period.

In lieu of being able to pass any Obamacare repeal through his Republican-controlled Congress, Trump will now rely on his ongoing fallback strategy: sabotaging it in every possible way to further the propaganda that it’s failing. This New York Times article explains his plan well.

One of the things he did back in January was pull advertising and outreach for the remainder of that open enrollment period (It ended January 31, 2017). The ACA needs more participation to work better, especially from the young and healthy, so promotion is key. The next open enrollment period begins November 1, 2017, and we need to let absolutely everyone know. If the government isn’t going to advertise, we the people will spread the word. Share this grab, share the ACA website- just get it out there. has important dates and information here:, where you can also see if you qualify for 2017 coverage on the basis of finances or life events, like getting married or having a baby.