Sleeping Giants


Your DGB for today is to follow Sleeping Giants.

Dedicated to drying up ad dollars for regressive websites, Sleeping Giants has a Facebook page and Twitter account, both of which mobilize crowds to act as reporters, letting companies know when their ads are appearing on problematic sites.


They’re currently going hard for Breitbart, which we at DGB love. Presently, over 225 advertisers have pulled their ads from Steve Bannon’s pet project. But Sleeping Giants also goes after lesser known sites spewing hate. Without private sponsorship, we think they have a real chance of tanking many of these sites altogether.

An important thing to remember is that many smaller companies are unaware their ads are running on racist, sexist, xenophobic media sites, but they are able to block their ads once they realize it. For this reason, SG has had a lot of luck using an initial polite approach. Other companies have been made aware and still have not pulled their ads, which we will be tackling in future Grabs.