Helping Each Other in Times of Crisis is What Makes America Great


Your DGB for today is to lend a hand to those affected by the worst flooding in American history. 

Hurricane Harvey continues to break records no one ever wished to see broken, by causing one of the worst natural disasters we’ve ever seen. The photos and videos out of Houston, TX and surrounding areas are horrifying, scary, and sad. But there are things you can do.

These organizations will gladly take your money, as their resources will be far outmatched by need in the coming days and weeks.  


Local food banks in the Houston area:


Local hospital:


Diapers for some of the smallest victims:


Pets left behind are going to need shelter and food, and help finding their owners again:


If you have an AirBnB in the area, you can provide emergency shelter:


National organizations providing range of services on the ground:


This storm is a humanitarian crisis, but we can rise to the occasion. Give what you can.