The Resistance is Female

Your DGB for today is to support or join the female organizers running the resistance, and to make sure you’re part of the future.

It’s not news that women, particularly women of color, are leading the resistance against Donald Trump. History has shown that women tend to be the ones leading revolutions, whether it be the French Revolution or the fight for Civil Rights in this country. Even DGB, and many other current ReSisters, are run solely by women.

So what we want you to do today is take the reigns. Check out your local Indivisible group (pssttttt 2/3rds are run by women.) If you don’t have a local indivisible group, form one. Want to go even further and actually make the world run by girls? Run for a local office! DGB loves Emily’s List, which supports and funds progressive women looking to lead the resistance. If you aren’t quite ready, check out their binders full of women running, put your money where your mouth is, and donate.

We already know the future is female, but what role are you going to play in it?