Swing Left Summer Challenge

Your DGB for today is to participate in or get the word out about the Swing Left Summer Challenge taking place from July 29 - September 29, 2017.

For those that live in a swing district and want to go big, you can sign up to host a canvas event in your own community. There are five easy steps outlined for you. Another way to grab back is to sign up and support the nearest Swing Left group from afar. When you register your e-mail at https://swingleft.org/, a local District Leader will get in touch with you with opportunities to take action. 


To host a canvas event: https://swingleft.org/p/canvass


Video from Swing Left:  https://www.facebook.com/swingleftorg/videos/449483152098982/


Swing Left mentions research showing a 3.8% increase in voter turnout for people who sign a commitment card. Let’s take back the House in 2018 so we can prevent (or at least slow down) the havoc the Trump Administration is wreaking.