Pay Off School Lunch Debt

Your DBG for today is to help erase school lunch debt.

Despite the fact that summer sun and heat is still blazing, kids are heading back to school or will be within a few weeks. For the fellow parents of school age children out there: Congratulations, you made it! Whether you are a parent, non-parent, grandparent, generally fear and avoid children, or all of the above, we can all agree that hungry children and stressed parents are a bad combination for learning and growth. That’s why we love the public school lunch program. Feeding hungry kids is an absolute good. Public school lunch programs do it cheaply and well, providing food to 30 million kids of all incomes across the country.

Cheap does not equal free, however. School lunches are free to those that fall below certain income levels, but still cost money for those that don’t qualify. When you’re living on an income between poor and comfortable, that ~$2 a day adds up, especially if you have multiple children. When parents fall behind on paying for lunches, most schools continue to feed kids. Over time, this creates a deficit, causing problems for both the school and parents.

It’s simple and inexpensive to help with this situation. Just donate at least $2 to your local school for use on an overdrawn lunch account. Use this link to find your local school:, then call or email them to say you want to help with payoff of an overdue lunch bill.

Help a kid grab a lunch!