Begins with You and Me


Your DGB for today is to recycle some markers.

If your house is anything like this DGB writer’s, you will agree that markers have a short life span. A child leaves the cap off after a single use, drying up the colorful lifeblood. An adult finds evidence of a marker on a wall or furniture or baby’s leg and throws out every marker in the house in a fit of rage. But yet markers’ usefulness for both brightly tinted coloring projects and writing reminders on the family whiteboard that your spouse will ignore are unquestionable. The thing is that Mother Earth, like most mothers, doesn’t want your ding dang markers either.

Did you know that markers are recyclable? You can take them apart and recycle the tube and cap through your area recycling program. Crayola and Prang both have recycle programs for their marker products. Check them out here,, and here, If you want to recycle some other brand like Sharpie, Terracycle is here for you:

Grab back and keep markers out of landfills.