Graham-Cassidy: “Repeal & Replace” Is Still on the Table


Your DGB for today is to (once again) call your Senators and tell them to vote NO on the GOP’s latest version of a health care bill.

Republicans, those wascally wabbits, are still trying to make repeal and replace a “thing.”  Like the other bills the GOP has tried to pass this year, Graham-Cassidy would gut medicare, defund Planned Parenthood, spike premiums, and cause millions of people to lose insurance over the next ten years. This bill may be the most draconian of all the Trumpcare versions we’ve seen so far. It seems incredible, since the others were so bad, but this is far worse.

So, kids, you know what to do: Fire up Resistbot, your phone, or heck, even a raven, and tell your Senators to take a hard pass on Graham-Cassidy. Get your mom and your neighbors to do it too.  And please hurry - Congress wants to pass this by the end of September.